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A Few of Our Excited Customers!

Reduced Supermarket Temperature 25 Degrees

"We are signing some very large contracts in my country...Average store size is 2000 meters. Air conditioning costs are very high...Before the coating the exterior temperatures were 55 degrees Celsius; after the coating, the temperature was 35 degrees. On the inside before the coating, the temperature was 46 degrees. After the coating, the inside temperature was 30 degrees Celsius. This is a drop of 25 degrees. This is why they are so excited and have awarded us contracts."

Eduardo Cervantes Sistemas Modernos de Tecnologia



Keeps Chickens Cool

"Our new chicken barn laying facilities have gained significant heat management benefits from your thermal barrier paint "Insulcoat "wall...Our existing barn was painted with regular paint and we used R40 insulation. Our same size new barn was insulated with R20 insulation and we used Insulcoat wall instead of regular paint. The results were phenomenal...Our new barn with less insulation and Insulcoat paint was warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer than the other barn with R40 insulation and regular paint."

Jakes Poultry, Westport Farms Ltd.

Langley, B.C.


Fixes Leaky Cistern

"We have always stored water in a 5,000 gallon square cement cistern for use in our house. For ten (10) year, the cistern leaked. We coated the whole cistern with Ceramic Insulcoat. After it dried, we filled the cistern with water and the outside has been dry ever since. We have been very happy with the water quality and waterproofing effect."

Miles Johnson Turtleford, Sask.


That Special Look

"I have spent over 20 years with BC Gas and have seen a lot of homes up close. Very few if any ever look as good as this paint does years later. That special look is something you just don't see often. The best news is that as a person that understands utility costs, I am thrilled to tell you we are saving over 25% of our heating costs after applying Entech Coatings. With the cost of utilities on the rise we feel we have beat themarket."

Ron Child, White Rock, B.C.


Air Conditioning Costs Lowered 50%  

"Before the roof was coated, my A/C was running wide open and I was still hot; after itwas coated, I turned the A/C to low and at times my place was too cool & I calculated that my a/c costs were lower by more than 50%. At this rate I have almost recovered the cost of having my roof coated with their system."

Peter MorganCabo, San Lucas


No Stains or Discolouration

"During our field review of the applied coatings and our discussions with some of the building owners that have had the coatings on their buildings for several years, we saw no signs of any staining, uneven discoloration or premature deterioration of the applied coatings. In our experience we have found the performance to be consistently good and would not hesitate to recommend or specify the products to our clients."

Emerald Inspection & Consulting ServicesCoquitlam, B.C.


 Saves Energy

"The outstanding characteristic of this coating is its ability to insulate. Our utility bill calculated over one year indicated an eight percent (8%) saving in energy consumption."

 DA EwingDelta B.C.


Sound Financial Decision For Our Roof

"We are very pleased with the appearance of our roof. Considering the inevitable costly expense of re-roofing, we are sure we made a sound financial decision when we chose tocoat the shingles three years ago with Ceramic InsulCoat R:E Roof."

 Don and Irene Smith Genelle, B.C.


 Family and Friends Impressed

 Family, neighbours and friends who have seen our house since we completed the first coat were more than impressed with the finish.

 C.U. White Rock



Super Adhesion-Super Abrasion-resistance

"... as a painting contractor I have used (these products) on jobs large and small, with unequaled success...  super adhesion... super abrasion-resistance."

Art Mars Certa Propainters


 Extreme Satisfaction "

...I wanted to express our appreciation and extreme satisfaction with our association with your company and its products."

Rev. Darryl SC Peregrym Surrey Pentecostal Assembly, Surrey, BC

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