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Exterior Ceramic Insulcoat R:E" products save labor and energy and have the most environmental features of any coating product in the world!

Ceramic Insulcoat-Wall©

Exterior applications

Extraordinary performance exterior architectural coating. A strong 100% high solids acrylic coating. Can be applied in any color. For use on cured concrete , stucco, masonry, primed wood, vinyl, primed metal and most standard substrates.

Ceramic Insulcoat-Roof ©

Provides beautification thermal barrier and UV inhibitors.

A strong, tough thermal barrier coating. Can be applied in any lighter color. Can be applied over membranes, asphalt shingles, torch on, or metal roofs. (Galvanized metals require appropriate primer.) A heat management product providing reduced penetration into interior spaces. (Test patches are recommended.)

Ceramic Insulseal© and Insulseal 5.0 ©

Porous surface sealer. Two grades available.

Soaker- sealer formulated to penetrate raw concrete, wood , stucco etc., sealing the surface. Acts as a bonding agent to Ceramic Insulcoat". (Insulseal" is used over porous surfaces.) Insulseal 5.0® is used when porous surfaces are apparent.


Renews existing painted surfaces while maintaining their natural look. Resists water penetration and breathes at 14 perms. A water based resinous surface sealant specially formulated for concrete, exposed aggregate, split-faced blocks and bricks. Sealbond "will aid in the curing of concrete , will toughen the surface, resist dusting off and make the surface easier to clean.

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