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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 10 -  What Makes Entech Coatings Superior to Latex Paint?
Answer - 

Latex paint is really just decorative and does not offer the multitude of features that Entech Coatings does. Below are just a few of the Features and Benefits our coatings have to offer, compared to regular latex paints:



Thermal Barrier Protection

Enhances existing insulation systems and reduces energy costs.

Weatherproof and high breathability

Strong resistance to water penetration. One of the highest known breathing rates in the industry

Long Life and Good Looks

Our coating outlasts typical exterior coatings 3 to 5 times.

Environmentally Friendly

100% acrylic water based meeting and exceeding the strictest environmental guidelines.

Entech coatings covers almost twice the area of generic paint, resulting in substantial savings.

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