ENTECH TFI Fire Retardant Coating for Structural Steel
This is a single component, intumescent fire retardant latex coating designed for exposed interior structural steel where a 2-1/2-hour fire resistance rating is required. It is used for interior steel columns, tubes, trusses and other exposed structural members. It provides an aesthetic, thin, decorative finish to comply with architectural designs. It can also be applied as a mandatory upgrade to assist owners and property managers to meet the latest fire and building code requirements. It is non-toxic as it contains no asbestos, harmful ingredients or solvents. ENTECH TFI is fire-resistant. It will not burn in liquid or solid state. Under fire conditions it forms a char, preventing the spread of flames, and slowing the penetration of heat through the substrate. It has excellent adhesion and durability when applied to primed metal. ENTECH TFI is easy to use - may be brush, roller or spray applied. This coating is a white, flat latex that can be overcoated with one coat of another paint to achieve the desired colour and increase durability. ENTECH Coating's Ceramic InsulCoat Wall can be tinted any color and provides excellent durability, plus would add its own unique thermal qualities. This product is applied at 60 mils dry film thickness.

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