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Saves Money, the Environment and Buildings!

Outlasts Paint 3 to 5 Times

Entech Coatings outlasts typical exterior coatings up to 3 to 5 times. Looks good throughout its life, - no fading, chalking, hazing blistering, peeling or checking. Extended coating life means less expense, plus fewer repaints over the lifespan of conventional buildings.

Better for Health!

  •  Low volatile organic compounds (VOC's);
  • No formaldehyde or cancer-causing chemicals;
  • No special ventilation required when using the coatings;
  • Products resist occurrence of mold, mildew, algae, spores, lichen and mosses.

Unsurpassed Green Report Card

A number of factors must be considered when choosing a green product. Not only do Entech Coatings have low VOC's, but they also save energy and outlast other products 3-5 times. Entech Coatings have exceeded the test requirements for the California Energy Commission's stringent Title 24 Testing. Tests include tensile strength, flexibility at temperatures as low as zero degrees farenheit, breathability, and resistance to accelerated weathering.

High Impact and High Abrasion Resistant

Dries hard unlike other products, so Entech Coatings won't absorb pollution and other substances that cause building surfaces to age or look unattractive. Entech Coatings dry so hard that even scrubbing them with a wire brush won't affect them.

Like Gortex for Buildings

At 20 perms, Entech Coatings have one of the highest known breathing rates in the industry. Theproducts prevents water penetrating the building while still allowing any water vapor to escape to the atmosphere. This ability gives the coating a long life and extends the life of the building.

Big Savings in Labor Costs

A joy to roll, brush or spray. Rapid cure: first coat dries to the touch in 15-30 minutes and the second coat can be applied 2-4 hours later. Other products require 24-48 hours before the second coat. Most coatings have lots of application issues; Entech Coatings are incredibly forgiving to put on and very easy to control. All the products clean up with water.

Keeps Buildings Cool in Summer, Warm in Winter

Entech Coatings use ceramic microspheres - technology developed by NASA for use on the space shuttles - to insulate buildings. An independent lab found Entech Coatings to have the equivalency of R24 fiberglass insulation. Users have reported energy saving costs from 40% to 50%.

Won't Fade Like Other Paints

Entech Coatings maintain their colors - even a bright red - for 5-7 years, while typical exterior coatings may need repainting in 8 months.

40 Years of Research

40 years of research and development has resulted in a proprietary formula with the highest known ingredient list in its category.

Flexes With the Building

A key benefit of Entech Coatings is its ability to stretch 160% and return to its original size as weather conditions change. While a number of products are able to stretch, most do not have the memory' to return to their original size that Entech Coatings does. Entech Coatings also stretch to span small surface cracks resulting in a smooth unblemished surface.

Works at Any Temperature

Entech Coatings work just as well at 40 degrees below zero in the Northwest Territories, Canada as they do in Phoenix, U.S. in the middle of summer.

Fire and Corrosion Resistant

Entech Coatings resists the promotion of flame spread, is not affected by wind driven sea spray and resists many types of household and commercial corrosive products.

Works on Any Substrate

Entech Coatings can be used on any substrate including wood, stucco, cement, concrete, brick or metal. The products have incredibly high adhesion strength when applied over a clean, dry and sound substrate.

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