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We are dedicated to provide our customers with modern and technologically proven industrial coating concepts. Examples are EntechCoatings, High Performance 'InSul' primer and top Ceramic Thermal Barrier coating systems for a variety of substrates, surfaces on vertical and horizontal building and constructions. Easy and non-toxic water soluble coatings which are versatile, functional environmentally friendly professional coatings.What first comes to mind is the unique Ceramic Thermal Barrier coating system for numerous applications on horizontal and vertical surfaces; interior as well as exterior.

Our Entech Coatings are 'environmentally smart high performance coatings developed to fit the needs of a multitude of areas of environments and climate zones. EntechCoatings provide special roof coatings for new as well as used roof surfaces requiring up-grade and maintenance to remain healthy and functional.
Entech Coatings can also provide its customers with the proprietary Ceramic InsulCoat; R:E Exterior wall and roof coating systems used throughout Canada, and the USA, for many years and now the turn has come to expand into the Middle East in the Gulf region; U.A.E. the Abu Dahbi, Dubai, Qatar; Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the European markets, Asia and the South Americas.
This family of industrial professional coating products is to a major extent the work and development from the efforts of the few in the laboratory and in the field. This family of products is formulated with , a proprietary formulation of 'precision blended' high performance, high quality ingredients to provide thermal barrier, long lasting / long life, lower cost, as well as over 30 more features and benefits ....
Characteristics are as follows

Long Lasting / Weatherproof / High Breath-ability / Ceramic Thermal Barrier / Energy Saving / Environmentally Friendly / Highly Flexible with Full Memory / Goes Further - Costs Less / Easy to Apply and Clean Up and much more ... Non-Toxic and Water Soluble and virtually non-flammable.Join us in this website to find out more about all of our coating features and learn of the benefits and our commitment to provide you with quality products and service that form the continued platform supporting our customers, end-users, and our international marketing and sales work and partners connected to our EntechCoating products in specific market regions.

EntechCoatings Inc., is establishing new dynamic select working partners in marketing and sales and prospecting in advantageous fields of applications and regions throughout the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Africa and the South Americas.

On behalf of our working partners and staff I wish to congratulate you for considering reviewing our company and special coating products. Enjoy!

Michel Tannous,
EntechCoatings Inc.,
Surrey, BC, Canada



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